Partnership announcement PVG & Tuya

PVG is going smart with the globally recognized Tuya standard. 

PVG is convinced that any additional smart, connected features to its products should be reliable and future-proof. We have found an expert in Tuya Smart, frontrunner in designing and maintaining a digital platform and assuring it is connected with other open platforms like Google. With large, respected companies joining its platform all the time, we feel Tuya is the company that will have the knowledge and scale to maintain its worldwide standard for many years to come.

Therefore, PVG is pleased to announce its partnership with Tuya Smart, a leading artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

PVG is a well-established international trading partner with over 40 years' specialist experience in sourcing, distributing and marketing best-in-class indoor and outdoor home climate care and comfort solutions for all seasons.

Tuya’s outstanding IoT platform will strengthen PVG's focus on the development of high-quality controlled climate care smart home solutions.

Throughout Europe, PVG offers a wide range of products, services and consumer brands – of which Qlima is our most renowned premium brand. By using the Tuya IoT platform for our Qlima climate care products like air-conditioning, dehumidifiers and pellet heaters, we are able to offer consumers across Europe the comfort of easy access to a broad range of quality smart home solutions via one single platform.

The partnership with Tuya ties in with our vision that our product solutions should help people improve their interior climates, so they feel comfortable in their own homes. Intelligent smart climate care and comfort solutions with Tuya Smart app access and customer service will deliver an even better consumer experience.

Who is Tuya? 

Tuya provides a globally leading artificial intelligence + Internet of Things platform that brings smart products to life. The platform offers hardware access, cloud services and app development. 

Alongside its revolutionary platform, Tuya helps businesses upgrade their technology, enabling PVG to deliver smart devices that meet consumer demand. Today, Tuya has more than 230,000 partners in nearly 200 countries, powering every category of smart devices, such as lighting, appliances and environmental equipment. 

What Does This Mean for PVG?

In Europe, demand for smart home solutions is increasing rapidly. As a European supply partner with a wide and diverse portfolio, PVG sought cooperation for smart home solution with a reliable partner. The partnership with global AIoT platform Tuya enables PVG to implement smart home solutions in all of the smart products available to our international supplier base. Towards our resellers and their consumers, we can propose a single, uniform smart home solution for all our products.

Entering the market with Powered by Tuya Intelligence products in air conditioning for spring 2021, our winter portfolio will soon follow, and there is more to come. PVG expects to develop a wider and larger smart product range in the near future.

PVG offers mainstream, functionally driven, plug-and-play and light installation products. For the light installation products like air-conditioning and pellet heaters, the SMART LIFE app by Tuya is of great value to PVG, as the service module allows us to continue our outstanding, fast and accurate aftersales service.

We promise our customers that this development means doing business with a reliable partner that puts in maximum effort to provide excellent service to our end-consumers. We are confident that the partnership with Tuya will empower our customers and PVG in offering the best products with smart features for climate and comfort solutions in Europe.

PVG and Tuya: the comfort of partnership.