PVG produces various types of high-quality fuel for paraffin heaters. PVG has many years’ experience in producing fuels especially for paraffin heaters. This assures the consumer of the correct product for the heater, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

Qlima Premium Quality Fuels

Using Qlima Premium Quality Fuels guarantees the highest quality, highest efficiency and highest level of comfort. Qlima Kristal delivers a superior heat experience and guarantees the highest level of comfort, with odourless heat and a long service life for your heater. Qlima Extra ensures that your heater has a long service life coupled with the highest returns. Both types of fuels are reliable and clean and are inspected and tested by independent laboratories. With Qlima fuel consumers can save for handy heater accessories or discount on fuels and/or a new heater. 

Other brands

As well as Qlima Premium Quality Fuels, PVG also produces various other fuel brands including PTX and Mr. Petrol.