PVG Liquids

PVG Liquids is PVG’s state of the art bottling and distribution centre, situated in the port of Ghent.

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification and more than 20 years of experience in production (blowing and filling) and distribution, we are able to offer the highest quality in fuel for portable heaters as well as other domestic chemical liquids (heating ethanol, hand sanitizer, AdBlue, white spirit,…). As well as sales and filling, the entire process from purchase to storage of intermediates and label design in accordance with European legislation is carried out in-house.

Some highlights:

Ship to shop concept

o Direct connection from storage terminal to production line
o In house blowing of stackable PET-cans

Wide range in packaging HDPE and PET
o Consumer market
o Industrial market

Multiple branding
o PVG’s own brands (Qlima, Domestix, PTX)
o Private Label

Highest quality standards
o Updates on legislation and regulations
o In line and off line quality control