PVG’s history started 40 years ago.

PVG’s founder, Peter van Vugt, started importing Japanese mobile heaters in 1980 and obtained exclusive representation rights in the Netherlands. He did this initially as a sideline, but through direct sales at trade fairs and from the point of sale in Oss the product’s potential rapidly became apparent and the company continued to grow.

After a few years, the decision was made to start selling on a professional basis and a separate organisation was formed. The dealer network guarantees that the approach towards consumers is personal and that the product explanation is clear. Mobile heaters were sold under the brand name Zibro Kamin and fuel under the name Zibro Plus. This concept served as the basis for further internationalisation. 

At the end of the 1980s, PVG obtained the rights for the whole of Western Europe, Scandinavia and various Eastern European countries. The dealer network continues to be further expanded with a significant shift from traditional dealers to large-scale distribution. A clear tendency emerged in the latter sector for limiting the number of suppliers, particularly to those parties capable of supplying throughout the year. For this reason PVG started selling air conditioners and dehumidifiers under the brand name Zibro Clima, which enabled sales to consumers in both the winter and summer seasons.

As large-scale distribution also demands large volumes, PVG’s rapid growth in heaters and fuels continued. To meet the increased demand for fuel, a new 12,000 m2 bottling and distribution centre was put into operation in Ghent in 1999, with a bottling capacity of over 200 million litres per year. In 2005 the decision was taken to introduce a monobrand strategy under brand name Zibro, and PVG expanded further to become Europe’s climate product expert. The product range was expanded to include modern pellet heaters, boilers and gas heaters.  PVG launched its climate products under a new name in 2014: Qlima. This name clarifies what the company stands for in just one word.

In a short time PVG expanded its operations from local sales (one product), to sales via dealers throughout Europe. PVG currently offers a total climate control concept, sold via large-scale distribution.

PVG branches

PVG is active in over twenty European countries. We have independent sales companies in five countries. We reach other markets via agencies, coordinated from our head office in Oss. Our products are currently sold by over 15,000 dealers.

Our branches

The PVG Group’s major strength is local efficiency based on sophisticated support, combined with in-depth knowledge of markets and products. In aiming for maximum flexibility, we only deal centrally with issues that deliver clear economies of scale or otherwise result in added value for our organisation. The branches in the various countries focus mainly on commercial activities.

PVG Liquids

PVG Liquids is the PVG Group’s bottling and distribution centre. The factory in the port of Ghent specialises in the purchase, filling, sales and distribution of a wide range of heater fuels and related products.

The factory produces products under both PVG brands and private labels. As well as sales and filling, the entire process from purchase to storage of intermediates and label design in accordance with European legislation is carried out in-house.